Avraham Glattman

Real Estate


Avraham Glattman became a real estate agent in 1992 and Pete Jacov became a real estate agent in 1994. They opened their own real estate office and real estate development Company in June 1999. The office maintained over 500 real estate agents, construction crews, foremen and office staff. Over 2500 transactions were completed since 1999.


Avraham Glattman received his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Business Administration from Newport University. Upon his graduation, he acquired many skills that have supported his goals of owning his own company. In 2008, Avraham Glattman and his business partner, Pete Jacov, formed First American Properties Group Inc. The buildings that Avraham owns are both residential and commercial and are currently located in Queens, Downtown Brooklyn, Harlem and Manhattan.


Their experiences represent different areas of real estate:

  • Represented buyers and sellers in conventional real estate transactions
  • Purchased and rehabilitated over 1000 homes and resold them
  • Purchased land and developed over 100 two and three family homes
  • Developed two new 7-story buildings, one in the East village of manhattan (172 Ave. B) and one in Midwood, Brooklyn (977 East 12th St)
  • Acquired 13 real estate holdings that are presently being maintained and managed


Avraham Glattman has always had a strong skill for recognizing which areas are up and coming and being sure to be one of the first to make that happen. One area that Avraham strongly believes in is Harlem. He believes that real estate in Harlem in the near future is going to flourish, which is why he currently owns property there.  Harlem has already been one of the most consistently growing areas in New York City in terms of food, entertainment, culture, and popularity. Now it is time for real estate to take part in the success.


Avraham and Pete were able to obtain lines of credit for over 30 million dollars from private lenders, at any given time (ie. Gala Resources, Bob Katz & Someck Brothers).


Currently, Avraham and Pete’s objectives are to:

  • Acquire properties in all Five Boroughs
  • Acquire properties in order to flip them either in as is condition or after renovation
  • Acquire properties in the Harlem area to renovate either by gut renovation or mild facelift in order to sell
  • Be the management company and superintendent of buildings


As anyone may assume based on his great experience in the very demanding Big Apple, Avraham Glattman is top talent when it comes to this city’s real estate. He has created his thriving business with passion and hard work and will continue to strive to represent the best real estate in New York.

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